(I got a little paranoid the flag was upside down, but it wasn't)

Spacey McSpaceface

When I first started working, our company was expanding so rapidly that we were constantly being reshuffled around the London office more quickly than they could knock down the many walls in the way. One day, during my team’s spell in a particularly featureless back room otherwise untroubled by fellow humans, a cheerful young man named Sam knocked on the door and introduced himself. He was a new starter in a different department, but he just thought it would be nice to say hello and meet us in person. So I always liked Sam, and was particularly excited when he finally visited Chicago last weekend. Our initial plan was for Chicago-style pizza, but Randi made a face, so we upgraded to the legendary burgers from Kuma’s instead, and everyone was very happy indeed.

Excited to eat

Excited to eat

Spacey McSpacefaceLater in the week, Randi and I made a return trip to the Adler Planetarium’s ‘After Dark’ nights, and this time it was Beatles themed! (Indeed, at the end of the night I had to disappoint one drunken man that I was not, in fact, the drummer from the tribute Beatles band who played. Although I was somewhat flattered, since the drummer looked about 12.)

Together with James, our biggest achievement that night was the construction of Spacey McSpaceface: an inspirational craft capable of protecting the integrity of a marshmallow astronaut in the depths of a vacuum box. More or less. (Dear Mr. Kanj: I’m sorry that we had to ask the helpers whether we should be fearing explosion or implosion.)

(I got a little paranoid the flag was upside down, but it wasn't)

(I got a little paranoid the flag was upside down, but it wasn’t)

Finally: Randi and I kicked off this weekend with delicious southern-style chicken (plus punch… punch is usually welcomed) with Saujanya and Nolan. Apparently this didn’t exhaust Nolan’s tolerance for us, because the next day he joined us at Todd and Carolyn’s to watch me watching Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark for the very first time. For years I’ve been going around telling people I’d never seen Indiana Jones in the hope that they would show it to me, and Todd finally took the bait, for which I’m very grateful. Now, onto the next one soon…?

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